12 Ethical & Eco-Friendly Dinnerware Brands For A Sustainably-Set Table

A durable set of eco-friendly dinnerware is a solid ingredient for a sustainably set the table… 

But what exactly makes dinnerware or tableware “sustainable”?

Well, looking for used and vintage ware is always a good start, whether that’s your grandmother’s porcelain dining sets or a pre-loved set of colorful plates and bowls at your local thrift store. Since Conscious Life & Style reaches a global audience, this guide will focus on online secondhand options!

If you’re not finding anything on the used market and you’re in need of something new, some considerations are:

  • Sustainably sourced materials: such as responsibly-harvested bamboo and recycled glass)
  • Ethical production: this could look like transparent local manufacturing or artisan-made & fair trade, depending on your priorities
  • Ownership and Equity: this means looking at who owns and profits from the brands we’re supporting; if a brand is owned by a person of color, it will be indicated in their description below (BIPOC-owned stands for Black, Indigenous, Person of Color-owned and WOC-owned stands for Woman of Color-owned)
  • Your Personal Priorities: you may have other elements you look for in a brand, such as traditional craft preservation

The eco-friendly tableware and dinnerware brands featured below meet at least one (though most of them meet two or more) of these criteria. 

Note that this guide includes affiliate links, meaning we’ll earn a small commission if you choose to purchase through these links at no additional cost to you which helps us continue creating these free resources. Thanks for your support!

by Conscious Life & Style