11 Sustainable Dinnerware & Tableware Brands To Dine In Ethical Style

Looking for sustainable and ethical plates, bowls, cups, serving utensils, and other dishes? We’ve compiled a list of all our favorite brands making unique kitchen and table staples. From salad bowls to napkin holders, we’re sure you’ll find something interesting to add some character to the busiest place in the home. Of course, you will also find many affordable price points and then a few luxury items worth the splurge.

You may be wondering, what makes a dish ‘sustainable’? There are a few things we have to look at to determine whether or not the product is sustainably made. First, who made it? We made sure to include brands where artisan craft was prioritized, and makers are given fair work under safe, healthy conditions. Second, what is it made out of? We want to make sure the dish is made from eco-friendly materials that are easy on the planet. Many of these brands use recycled materials, which is always a plus! Lastly, is it is a quality product marked at an accessible price? We want to make sure we are only showing the best products made to last you many years - and many dinners - that are also a decent price. Therefore, we included price points to help cover a range of budgets. 

Bon Appétit!

by Sustainably Chic