Our Story

Zungleboo is inspired by our love of social gatherings and a passion and commitment to a healthier planet. 

Zungleboo cofounder Kay looking across the horizon


For many years, as a busy mom of two kids, I suffered from a severe case of 'kitchen elbow.' I would experience sharp pain from my arms to my neck, and nothing relieved it until I traded in my heavy plates and bowls with lightweight plastic tableware that my kids used to use when they were young. I was amazed! 

However, so many plastic dishes and bowls are not sustainable. In fact, many are not even microwave safe.

Being environmental advocates, my husband and I looked into bioplastics. Made from corn or sugar cane, PLA is, in many ways, a perfect substitute for fossil-fuel-based plastic. Plant-based and compostable, Zungleboo tableware contains zero melamine (that's what makes it microwave-safe!), zero petroleum plastic, and it happens to be shatterproof and dishwasher-safe too!

In our research, we learned that there are little to no brands of tableware that is completely made from plant-based plastic, let alone brands that are tastefully designed.

And that is why we decided to create Zungleboo and want to share it with you! Zungleboo reflects our commitment to sustainability, folded into every day life. All of our products are thoughtfully made with the environment in mind, making it completely safe and non-toxic for you and your family. 

We hope you love Zungleboo as much as we do.

Kay and Bonjoon
Zungleboo co-founders