No sacrifices, no compromises. We set out to make dinnerware that is sustainable, practical, and beautiful to look at.

Eco-friendly products always made sense to us, and unlike many bio-based products that are single-use disposables, Zungleboo® products are designed to be durable, lasting many years.

Functionally, we wanted to make Zungleboo plates and bowls sustainable, practical dinnerware for everyday use. Made with PLA bioplastic, all our products are shatterproof and very light weight. It's easy to lift 10 plates from a shelf. There are no more worries about kids (or adults!) dropping and breaking plates. And, because today’s families are busy, convenience was key. Our products are designed to be dishwasher safe (~160F) and microwave safe (2~3min reheat only). Since Zungleboo® plates use plant-based materials, just be sure that the temperatures don’t get too high for too long. We continue our work to improve this heat resistant feature of our products.

Finally, we designed Zungleboo® products to be matte, minimal and neutral with no chemical coating or varnish for a design that is as elegant as it is eco-friendly. The neutral tones complement most modern decor, and we’ll soon be introducing new products and colors for your dinner table.

Isn't it time to switch to better dinnerware?