For many years, as a busy mom of two kids, I suffered from a severe case of 'kitchen elbow.'

I would experience sharp pain from my arms to my neck, and nothing relieved it until I traded in my heavy plates and bowls with lightweight plastic tableware that my kids used to use when they were young. As a result, I felt amazing!

However, so many plastic dishes and bowls are neither sustainable nor convenient for a busy family. (Some are not even microwave or dishwasher safe.) Being environmental advocates, my husband and I looked for a better solution. The search for using real plants for real life was on.

We finally found the solution from a bioplastic called polylactic acid (PLA for short). Made from corn or sugar cane, PLA is, in many ways, a perfect substitute for fossil-fuel-based plastic. Plant-based, Zungleboo® tableware contains no BPA or melamine (that's what makes it microwave-safe!) and it happens to be shatterproof and dishwasher-safe too.

In our research, we learned that there are very few, if any, brands of tableware made from plant-based plastic, let alone brands that look great on any table.

And that is why we decided to create Zungleboo® and why we want to share it with you! Zungleboo® reflects our commitment to sustainability, folded into everyday life.

We designed all of our products with the environment in mind, making it completely safe and non-toxic for you and your family. Zungleboo tableware is made with real plants for real life.

We hope you love Zungleboo® as much as we do.

Kay and Bonjoon
Founders of Zungleboo®