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The Bookshelf - Healthy Little Tummies

Jan 18, 2022

The Bookshelf - Healthy Little Tummies

Last month in our Bookshelf post, we featured an indulgent choice, Momofuku Milk Bar Cookbook, which was in keeping with the decadence of December. This month, as we turn the calendar to a New Year, we’re bringing you a healthier choice to help out with your healthy eating resolutions.

Healthy Little Tummies

Abbey Bartasavich, Zungleboo fan, online influencer and Pilates studio owner recommends Healthy Little Tummies by Claire Power. Abbey’s Instagram feed (@Prosecconpilates) is a great mix of healthy living tips, Pilates, family, fun and fashion – we encourage you to check it out.

Abbey is a bride-to-be and is not only looking to lose weight for her upcoming wedding (Congratulations!) but she is also thinking about her family. She tells us that she picked Healthy Little Tummies as her current fave cookbook because she wants to start cooking healthy and clean to help keep her family healthy and happy.  “I believe happiness truly comes from within and what fuels that happiness is what you are fueling your body with,” said Abbey. And we couldn’t agree more. 

Like many of us, during the pandemic, Abbey and her fiancé started ordering a lot of food in. After a while, they realized that big restaurant meals didn’t always make them feel good. In the quest for solutions to help them all feel more active and happier, Abbey started exploring more plant-based options when she came across Claire’s blog and the cookbook.

Abbey's top three recipes

Abbey was hard-pressed to select just one favorite recipe from the book, so she gave us three that she has in regular rotation.

If you’re looking for a great resource for plant-based recipes, check out Abbey’s pick for this month’s cookbook, Healthy Little Tummies by Claire Power, and stay tuned for next month’s cookbook recommendation on The Bookshelf here.


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