Collection of Zungleboo eco-friendly plates and bowls with veggies and flowers

Sustainability, the Zungleboo way

At Zungleboo, we believe that a sustainable lifestyle begins with small changes we make to our everyday lives: conserving energy, reducing waste, protecting natural resources like air, water, and land resources as much as we can. We also believe that sustainable living can be practical solutions we can readily apply, such as replacing single-use, disposable wares with reusable, durable wares. Together, we can all achieve our sustainability goals each and every day.

Zungleboo is green

At Zungleboo, we are taking a greenhouse gas like carbon dioxide and transforming it to an everyday consumer product: plant-based tableware. By using the most locally available, abundant, bio-based feedstock such as corn and bamboo, Zungleboo leverages renewable natural resources in its products.

Our tableware is made from high quality corn starch PLA (polylactic acid), bamboo fibers, and other natural materials. Our bioplastics manufacturing emits approximately 80% less greenhouse gases and uses less than 50% of non-renewable energy than oil-based, petroleum plastics manufacturing.

Zungleboo products are reusable, and this significantly reduces single-use disposables and plastic waste in our environment. After years of use, they are fully biodegradable to water and carbon dioxide and even compostable in an industrial facility. Made from natural materials, our products eventually return to where it once came from, much faster than oil-based, petroleum plastics.