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Education is key to sustainability

May 20, 2022

Education is key to sustainability

Zungleboo has a partnership with MinuteFood, a Youtube channel that educates viewers on food, science and sustainability.

At Zungleboo, we’re firm believers that education is a key element in getting people to care more about sustainability and the environment. And the more people that care, the better chance we have of addressing the climate crisis.

To that end, we wanted to share a partnership that we’re excited about. MinuteFood is a YouTube channel dedicated to educating viewers about food, science and sustainability – often all three in the same episode! The videos are all educational as well as entertaining – the best way to learn.

Earlier this year, we have sponsored one of their YouTube videos and are excited that it debuted successfully. The specific episode is about fish – why it spoils faster than meat and how to address it. The video is both fun and interesting, with lots of science and practical tips. It has garnered more than 140K views, so far. Zungleboo is determined to continue this partnership in 2023, too.

We’ve talked in the past about partners we believe in, like our sponsorship of the Sprouts Chef Gala. And MinuteFood partnership is similar. We believe in what they’re doing and love how they’re doing it. Take a look at several of their videos and you’ll not only learn a lot, but you’ll also enjoy the fun format of the videos.

And watch for the Zungleboo plate cameo in the “Why Fish Spoils So Fast” video!

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