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Score sustainability points at your game watch party!

Feb 10, 2022

Score sustainability points at your game watch party!

Have you heard of the 'Sustainable Watch Party'? Between football championships, college hoops and the Beijing games there are plenty of opportunities coming up to gather around the television with friends to watch, cheer (and hopefully celebrate!) your favorite teams. But before your guests arrive, make a plan for your party to be as sustainable as possible. It’s good for the planet and hopefully your guests will appreciate your stewardship.

Now, any good party plan has four elements: guests (sorry, we can’t make your guests more sustainable!), decorations, food and entertainment.

The game coves the entertainment, so for our sustainability purposes, lets focus on the décor and food.


  • Balloons in your team’s color may seem like a great idea, but from a sustainability perspective, balloons get the penalty flag.
  • Consider making posters on paper or poster board that can be recycled to hang for the party (Bonus points if you have kids at the party and make a poster-station for them to keep them busy as a pre-game activity.)
  • Depending on the event, repurpose a flag, jersey or team pennant that you already have as décor in the TV room. Remember, the second “R” is for re-use.
  • Remember, sometimes less is more. Don’t go overboard on decorations that your guests may not even notice during the excitement of the game.


  • Don’t overbuy. Too often, a party means lots of leftovers which is great – as long as it all gets consumed and not tossed. If you do end up with more leftovers than you know you’ll eat, share the wealth and make sure that your guests don’t leave empty-handed.
  • Chicken wings are a game day favorite but before you call for delivery, consider making them yourself with chicken that you know has been locally and ethically raised.
  • When possible, serve beverages in bulk. Buy two-liter bottles of soda instead of lots of single serve plastic bottles and serve it in reusable drinkware. And it should go without saying that you should have very clearly marked recycling and trash bins so guests know where to put any recyclable goods.
  • Think reusable instead of disposable. For plates and bowls, don’t default to disposables. Our plant-based Zungleboo plates and bowls are sustainable, light, and dishwasher safe for easy clean up. They also won’t shatter when you forget it’s on your lap and you jump up from the couch when your team scores!
  • Think plant-based sustainable watch party. Along with our plant-based plates, add a few plant-based menu options to your party spread. Your health-conscious and eco-conscious guests will thank you.

And remember, no matter which team you’re rooting for, opting for sustainability is always a winning play. 

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